Shedule & Pricing

Workout with us in small groups with athletes like you. Or work with us one-on-one to fit your schedule. Our programs and protocols are the perfect programs to help you reach your goals.

How we work with you

• Become a member
• Workout on your own or in small groups
• Get plenty of individualized attention
• Request a customized individual evaluation
• Follow a workout designed specifically for you


By appointment only

*** For Pitcher Bullpen Lessons, go to the
NPA West Lessons & Workouts Page



$199 $149 per month, 3 month minimum. (introductory offer)
For Youth, High School, and College players.
Pro players: inquire for special rates.
What you get:
• Workout anytime during gym hours. We will guide you through daily workout plans that are sport-specific
• Or you can join a group workout where we put you through a strength and conditioning circuit specifically designed to increase your strength, mobility, flexibility and athleticism.



GROUP WORKOUT – A La Carte (10 each week to choose from)

Join one of the 1-hour group workouts and you’ll get a comprehensive full-body workout. We limit the group sizes and give first priority to RAC members.


Includes 1-month facility access
We will put you through a comprehensive assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare a weekly strength and conditioning program customized to address your needs which you can utilize here or take with you.

NPA Pitcher Workouts + Bullpen (w/ membership)

RAC members get discounts on NPA bullpen session. Contact us for details.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, we’re ready for you.

Our mission is to help you become even better than you are, and keep you injury free so that you can play for a long, long time.