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For rotational athletes - baseball pitchers, football quarterbacks, volleyball players, tennis players and golfers - it’s critical to work with the right coaches. Our protocols and practices, all science-based and backed by data, have helped many athletes become some of the best in their sports.

RAC Conditioning Coaches Charlie Nootbaar Randy Wishmyer

RAC Coaches Charlie Nootbaar and Randy Wishmyer.

Behind all great athletes: great coaches.

We’ve been helping athletes from baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, golf and quarterbacks hone their skills, increase their strength, and reduce injuries, thus transforming themselves into the best within their sports for over 40 years.

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The RAC Coaches

RAC Coach Randy Wishmyer

Randy Wishmyer

Randy has worked closely with renowned pitching guru Tom House for 18 of his 28 years as a coach, helping pitchers and QBs improve their strength and skills both as individual players and team members. In addition to the important work he does with the NPA and RAC Performance, Randy is an elite strength coach. He has helped numerous NFL, MLB, PGA and pro volleyball players increase their strength and performance levels. His work has directly resulted in athletes moving up to the highest levels of competition and the resulting testimonials received attest to this. His innate, and often counterintuitive, understanding of how the human body performs has been instrumental in formulating the strength and conditioning protocols that are now being used by elite athletes throughout the world. Randy has also coached for high school and collegiate teams so he understands well the environment at those levels. Whether with a youth athlete or one of his pro clients, Randy focuses heavily on strength/conditioning, bio-mechanics, nutrition and mental/emotional preparation. Randy strongly believes that the science-based research that he provides to athletes is the driving force behind the mission to better inform, instruct and inspire players to raise their level of play, stay healthy, and enjoy playing longer.

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Charlie Nootbaar

A former collegiate-level baseball player, Charlie has been actively coaching for over 20 years, from levels spanning Little League through pro ball. With a degree in mathematics and a passion for research and science, he leads projects designed to improve the health, durability, and performance of rotational athletes. Charlie was responsible for the NPA’s 3D Motion Capture system and producing the analyses that determines an athlete’s movement efficiencies.Through his research, he has invented multiple training devices that increase performance – products so well regarded they have been copied by other manufacturers… He takes great pride in educating athletes with information that will make them the best performers, teammates and students they can be. He understands the injuries kids often encounter and the best course of action to get them back on the field playing safely. As a father of successful baseball players of his own, he knows well the anxieties parents go through when trying to navigate kids through the competitive athletic environment. His older son was drafted in the 12th round by the Baltimore Orioles, and his younger son is currently playing D1 baseball in the PAC12.

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