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Finally. A gym specifically for rotational athletes.

RAC Performance

Finally. A gym specifically for rotational athletes.

We built a gym just for you.

At RAC Performance, we specifically train rotational athletes and help them increase their strength, athleticism, performance and endurance.

Choose your sport.

Throw harder. Swing faster. Jump higher. Hit farther. Increase velocity.
Reduce injuries and stay in the game longer.

Baseball/Softball - This is where we got our start. As leaders in pitching research, instruction and conditioning, over the last 40+ years our foundations of learning how to keep pitchers and position players healthy led us to refine and develop the protocols we use today. There is no organization that knows more about the mechanics, strength and durability requirements of baseball & softball players anywhere in the country. We can get you throwing harder and swinging the bat faster and with more power… safely! And if you need pitching help visit our partner site NPAwest.com.

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What is a rotational athlete?

Any athlete who’s primary movement requires them to hit, throw or strike something by rotating their shoulders and arms. Think baseball players, QBs, golfers, volleyball and tennis players.

Our Products

Our products meet the unique needs of rotational athletes like you. Don’t settle for anything less. See results quickly. And avoid injuries. Stay in the game longer with our products and their proprietary workout protocols.

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Is RAC Performance right for you?

We are NOT A cross-fit studio or a spin class. Nor are we a powerlifting gym. If you want to build your absolute strength or work on your olympic lifts, we are not the place for you - although we incorporate some of those things.

We are seriously committed to working with rotational athletes. If you want to throw harder, hit further, jump higher, and increase your athleticism we are the place for you.

RAC Performance

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